Transmission and Sewer Sealing Cushions


Layflat Hose and Suction Hose

At Dansk Overpumpning we have a large range of different hoses, pipes, linkages and sewer sealing cushions in the highest quality, which fits exactly the needs for your bypass pump project.

We have Bauer linkages which in a quick and efficient way connects hoses and pipes. The Bauer linkages can be used to transport different types of liquids from one point to where you decide, and especially in construction and projects, that involve wastewater and drainwater.

We have sewer sealing cushions of many different sizes, that fits all types of profiles. The sewer sealing cushions are 100% sealed and have a an execellent cemical resistance. These characteristics combined with our expertise makes them useful in many different environments. Our cushions are the best solution compared to sealing with ordinary rubber balloons, bags or plates.

See our datasheets to the left for more information or contact us if you are interessted in renting.

Sewer Sealing Cushion