Generatorer Datasheet

Dansk Overpumpning have a large number of different generators to solve your pumping operations. These Generators can deliver electricity in environments, where there is few options recieving it from other sources and thereby keep operations going.

Our generators are sound attenuated and efficient. This type of generators are among the most silent on the market and have an array of smart functions to fit your needs.

  • Generators have automatic start by power outage
  • Net monitoring
  • Manual/remote-start
  • Relieable
  • Easy to use
  • Of a robust structure

We have 3 types of generators:

Our smaller GSW 65P

Our medium GSW 150V

Our large GSW 330V.

View our datasheets to the left to get more infomation about their capacity or contact us for inquiries regarding rental prices and how they may be used in your bypass operations.