Diesel pumps


18″ Diesel Datasheet
8″ Diesel and Warrior Datasheet
12" DXB dieselpumper
12″ Diesel Datasheet
6″ Diesel Datasheet


Dansk Overpumpning is your pumping specialist. We have all the equipment and manpower you need for pumping projects onshore or in the offshore industry. We are always on hand to dedicate our experienced and professional experts, as well as a very substantial line-up of machinery to your project – even in an emergency situation.

For bypass operations we have our very efficient dieselpumps, which can be found in the sizes from 4″ – 18″. Which pump that fits your pumpjob can be very different and very dependent where and how the job is executed. We follow technological and environmental developments and therefore we update our pump range continuously. Our newest pumps are equipped with Scania Stage 5 emission compliant engines, which is some of the most eco-friendly on the market.

To the left, you can see our datasheets on pumps and if you need more information or want to rent a pump, then you are welcome to contact us at anytime of the day.